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Application Deadline: June 15, 2017


ISINP Announcement Poster
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Recent Focus Issues on Network Physiology:

  1. The new field of Network Physiology: redefining health and disease through networks of physiological interactions is now open in the journal Physiological Measurement, IOPscience.
  2. Focus on Network Physiology and Network Medicine” in the journal New Journal of Physics, IOPscience.

Poster Session for participants:

Applicants currently working on projects related to Network Physiology are encouraged to present at the poster session that will be organized during the Summer Institute.

Applicants who plan to present at the poster session should include in their application material (Application Form) also a PDF with title, authors and two-page single space abstract structured in sections on Study Objectives, Methods, results (possibly including 1 or 2 figures), Conclusions,  and up to 5 references.

Applicants are invited to submit their work to the Focus Issue “The new field of Network Physiology: redefining health and disease through networks of physiological interactions“ which is now open in the journal Physiological Measurement, IOPscience.

Readings related to Network Physiology as first steps in building a dynamic Atlas  of Organ Interactions

1. Network physiology reveals relations between network topology and physiologic function. [ PDF ]
Nature Communications 2012; 3: 702 doi: 10.1038/ ncomms1705.

2. Network Physiology: how organ systems dynamically interactOpen access ]
PLOS ONE, 2015; 10(11): e0142143

3. Major component analysis of dynamic networks of physiologic organ interactions.PDF ]
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2015; 640, 012013

4. Plasticity of brain wave network interactions and evolution across physiologic states. [ Open access ]
Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2015; 9:62

5. Coexisting forms of coupling and phase-transitions in physiological networks. PDF ]
Communications in Computer and Information Science 2014; 438: 270-287

6. Focus on the emerging new fields of network physiology and network medicine. [ PDF ]
New Journal of Physics, 2016; 18:100201.